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Woody Bagala-Alina - Volunteer in Uganda


Hello, I`m Woody Bagala-Alina from Uganda. I love volunteering and charity work but most of all I love how Wishful Africa is changing lives on my continent! In my country, we have managed to donate scholastic materials to very poor kids and orphaned kids and every time I visit the school, my heart feels with pride.Well done Wishful Africa and all our partners and friends. Keep the candle burning. I love you Africa. I love you Stichting Wishful Africa.




Woody Bee.

Jinja, Uganda.

Lass Sey - Volunteer in the Gambia


Dear Wishful Africa,


The Sey Family Agricultural Farm wish to thank Wishful Africa for the support rendered to the family and the entire village at large. This project improved the living conditions of the family and the villagers by providing the basic nutrition of women and children. The farm started to produce fresh vegetables that is used for family consumption. The horticultural garden produce vegetables such as okra, pumpkin, garden egg, sorrel etc. We will be updating you with pictures from the farm through Germa.


The Sey Family Agricultural Farm wish to grow from strength to strength with plans to continuously grow different kinds of crops  and even fruit trees so that there will be something to harvest every season. Our aims and objectives will be more realised if we are able to tackle the main problem of ducking a borehole or a pumping machine.


We are very grateful to all the sponsors and fellow volunteers.


Thank you Wishful Africa!


Alasan M. Sey

Jonathan Kwanele Dube - Volunteer in Zimbabwe


In July of 2011, I met with one person who has become a beacon in my life. Germa kneepkens... we joked about the knees is her surname. Since that day we met my perceptions have changed immensely. I have gone on to meet through her, some fantastic individuals in life. Like my baby girl, Vanessa spijkers. These two have gone on to be close as family to me. When they started wishful Africa I just marvelled at the love they had for my motherland and for humanity in particular. My countrymen and kin have benefited from this foundation. Reading glasses, walkers and hospital fees have I witnessed being availed to needy people. Wishful Africa reaches out to those marginalised and alleviates some of the burdens life throws at people. I wish them well in their philanthropic pursuits!!!!


The foundation responded to one of Africa's perennial problems, mosquitoes, by providing nets. Monde village, just outside Victoria Falls town, led by the esteemed Mr mpala are in awe and gratitude to swa. In Victoria Falls swa reached out and helped a young man, tafiso moyo get a qualification as a tour guide.


On a personal front, my Rose had her dream come true through swa. Having worked in a lodge and losing her job due to the rampant unemployment in the country. She had swa help her establish and run her own bnb. They came and spruced up the place, decorated it tastefully and set up a web page. Today Kwa Dube bnb is synonymous with a home feel when u visit Victoria Falls

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